City of thieves
Updated: 2/12/2020
City of thieves

Storyboard Text

  • Don't try to cheat me boy!
  • The cannibal scene that lev and kolya were baited into when trying to find the dozen eggs. Kolya fought off the woman and the man and escaped.
  • The rooftop scene where kolya and lev are searching for eggs and there were rumored to be eggs. Only to find a dead man and his grandson with a single chick.
  • The market scene where they attempt to search for eggs but decide to get wood alcohol, or at least kolya does. They want to save money so he puts on a scene acting like lev was supposed to buy for him.
  • This is the "darling soup" scene from chapter 9 where they had to cook and eat a rooster that kolya had named darling
  • In this scene these were war dogs. War dogs were Trained k-9's that had a bomb strapped onto their back and went to blow up tanks by dropping them under them. This turned out extremely unsuccessful.
  • This scene is what set everyone else on their current objective. A man from the einstatzgruppen who had tied up a one of the girls from the group and sawed off her legs alive then killed her.