The Fur Trade
Updated: 11/17/2020
The Fur Trade

Storyboard Text

  • The French Perspective: Iench the French fur trade the Coureurs de Bois sold their furs in the trading posts and they made money. The money that they made, they used it in the local shop. The key people in the French fur trade were Jean-Baptiste, Governor Frontenac, and Jean Talon-first Intended.
  • English/Europeans Perspective: The english were happy as well because they got resources from the First nations like Fox, Marten, and Otter.
  • First Nations Perspective: The first nation people were happy because they traded with the Europeans. The First nations got blankets, cloth, and thread.
  • Negative Impacts of the Fur Trade: There would be no more battling and attacking the villages, and the economy grew mills, shipbuilding yards, and textile industries
  • Merchants: Both French and English merchants financed and organized the trade. They bought goods in Europe, then shipped them to Canada. Then they shipped the furs back to Europe.
  • The Barter System: In the Barter system, the First Nations and the Europeans did not give money. They actually gave goods. The Europeans and the First Nations used metal coins to exchange.