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The Rabbit
Updated: 10/18/2018
The Rabbit
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  • You live next door to the Unruhs. They are good people. They are vegetarians, and they have a pet rabbit whom they love very much and take care of. Their life is about as perfect as it gets.
  • You on the other hand, live in a boring house with your weird parents, where your dog, Rusty, runs around the backyard and dumps all over the place.
  • One day, the Unruhs come over and ask you to watch their rabbit while they go away on a trip.
  • You agree to watch their house while they're away.
  • Hey, can you guys check on our house while we go on an amazing trip? Thanks!
  • One night, you and your family go out to rent a movie. When you get back, you instantly notice that the gate is open, and Rusty is missing. You call for him, and he comes running from the Unruh's house. This is not good.
  • You head into the Unruhs' backyard, and right in the center you see their rabbit - dead. Your dad, flaming, grabs Rusty and takes him for a car ride... to the vet.
  • Your dad takes the brand-new-but-still-dead rabbit and places it into its cage with a carrot. It looks like nothing had ever happened. At this point, you've completely forgotten about the movies. You go to bed.
  • Meanwhile, your mother swiftly begins to wash and dry the rabbit. She makes it look good as new.
  • When the Unruhs return, they don't mention anything. Your dad makes small talk with Dr. Unruh the next day.
  • Oh, didn't we tell you? It died last thursday.
  • D-dug it up? I didn't know.
  • It was fine... but someone dug up our rabbit while we were away.
  • Hello my friendly neighbour, how was the trip?
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