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Updated: 5/26/2021
character map

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  • Dumbledore
  • Relationships:Dumbledore grew cozy connections and companionships with wizards and witches all through the world. Among these companions, he tallied the French chemist Nicolas Flamel and Ilvermorny Charms Professor Eulalie Hicks. He kept in touch with these companions as charmed books they all had which permitted them to talk in spite of the distance. The British Ministry of Magic, which was at that point dubious of Dumbledore in view of his past association with Grindelwald, was careful about these connections, accepting that he utilized these contacts as spies to permit him to go about as an autonomous power to theirs.
  • Character Descriptions:Dumbledore has attributes like astute, delicate, kind, secretive as it were, educated, mindful and understanding. Dumbledore is the defender and tutor for Harry Potter, he gave impacts for Harry, his companions, and the peruser to follow his character. They are more courageous, brilliant, and mindful.