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Updated: 11/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Woah I am so hungry I hope we get to eat soon
  • Yeah lets see what it is
  • Hey what's that sound do you hear that?
  • This time when Wendy is being bullied they don't stop it instead they just laugh and watch humiliating her even more
  • She ran straight out of the classroom crying passing everyone. No one ran to get her and just continued with their day
  • Wendy didn't show up to school for a couple of days because of stress. When the class found out only four kids had a look of guilt on their face.
  • What they did was right because they stood up for a girl they didn’t even know that well. They told a teacher straight away and they comforted her. They were then able to become her friend. All of them were happy and the bullying stopped
  • What they did here was wrong because instead of helping her they just stood by and didn't even chase after her right after she ran out. When they found out she didn't go to school because she was stressed that's when they realised their mistake and felt guilty, But what they did was already done.
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