Life of Buddha
Updated: 6/10/2020
Life of Buddha
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  • Your son will become a great and powerful leader!
  • Whilst pregnant, Maha Maya felt something weird and felt something unreal. She also had dreams and visions of the Buddha, which would go on to become her son.
  • The Buddha's father received prophercies predicting she will give birth to somebody special. They would become a Political Leader, or a Religious Leader.
  • Siddhartha was raised into a very wealthy and priviliged life. His father put a lot of effort into attempting to ensure that Siddhartha would become a powerful political leader instead of a religious one.
  • Siddhartha went away to village as he grew up, and saw four very important things that would change his life forever. It was a sick man, a begging man, an old man and a dead man. Siddhartha was otherwise sheilded from this living in the palace.
  • Siddhartha left everything that he had behind. Including his wife and son. He set off to the forests and was determined to find inner peace and meaning. He began that journey by meditating.
  • Siddhartha had soon gained five followers. They followed him on a battling journey of starvation. When Siddhartha gave in due to starvation, his followers dissapeared, and he found other ways of finding peace and meaning.
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