Psych story board
Updated: 11/20/2020
Psych story board

Storyboard Text

  • Step one: She acknowledges the car
  • I see a car but I think I can still make it
  • Huh?
  • OMG! watch out!
  • Step two: Event causes simultaneously arousal and emotions and girl gets startled.
  • After the first step, the 5 senses kick in and send signals to tell you how to respond, the eyes tell your brain that there is a car coming and your brain tells you body to be fearful.
  • FEAR!
  • The brain sends messages to the body's muscles.
  • Brain sends the signals to the body's emotions
  • AHhh!
  • Get out of the way!
  • The body decides how to respond, the girl gets across the street safely!