The Year of The Hangman By: Gary Blackwood

The Year of The Hangman By: Gary Blackwood

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  • Creighton Brown was an English Lad who was born into an wealthy family who grew tobacco.Every night he would go to the tavern an gamble with his monthly pay check.On his way home one night after his mischief activities he was kidnapped.He is starting to make worse choices that has put him in monatary debt to others.Creighton was loaded onto a ship and locked in a captains office. He noticed that the ship had set sail and he realizes he can't escape. Eventually he was taken to the Captain of the ship. Then Captain Pierce handed the letter to Creighton and he recongizes the aroma of the stationary.He realizes the letter is from his mom to her brother. His mother requested her brother to guide him on a constructive path to becoming a gentleman.They arrived in Carolina and Creighton was escourted off the ship to the State House. When his uncle Colonel Gower came into the State House he didn't recognize his own nephew Creighton.A few days later Colonel Gower and Creighton had to leave Florida because he had been appointed Lt. Governor of West Florida.
  •   Captain Pierce couldn't tell if the ship was a merchant vessel or a privateer. So, Colonel Gower told his men to get in their positions with weapons and don't open the gunwales until he knew if it was in fact a privateer ship. Before they could open the gunwales, The Privateer ship rammed into the hull of the ship. Colonel Gower and Creighton set a fire on the floor to make sure that the enemy couldn't get the valuable information. Colonel Gower told Creighton to lie and tell the enemies that he was a bound servant because if they knew he was Colonel Gowers' nephew they probably would demand ransom for him. The privateers name was Benedict Arnold and he claimed to be a general of The Continental Army. Benedict found a leather pouch and he drew out a piece of paper and it was a letter to the governor of West Florida from the Governor of South Carolina. Instead of asking for ransom for Colonel Gower they going to trade him for three American soldiers. When they got to New Orleans the crew carried bags of supplies into town before they left the dock they passed around a pot with bacon grease and everyone expect Creighton lathered themselves in it because it helped them from being bite by mosquitos. When they got into town Creighton was shocked how much was the same back in London. When they entered town Creighton and Benedict knocked on  Dr. Franklins' door and Sophie Dr. Franklins' servant opened the door and greeted them in .when Sophie found out that Creighton was from England she went crazy.
  • Creighton meets Dr.Franklin for the first time and Dr.Franklin wanted Creighton to work for him but Creighton didn't want to.So, Creighton told Dr.Franklin if he won in a card game called Commerce he wouldn't have to work for Dr.Franklin and if he lost he would he would work for him. In the end Dr.Franklin won and so Creighton started working in The Print Shop proof reading the newspaper articles before they were printed. Dr. Franklin considered any drink expect water a stronger drink because of the tea tax and The Boston Tea Party.One day Creighton wondered off to The Mississippi River to see if there were any ships or boats because he a was trying to see if he could escape on a boar or ship that was leaving, but there wasn't any ships or boats leaving. When Creighton is on the way back to  Dr. Franklins' House ,Colonel Gower saw Creighton through a window and told him to come over here and so Creighton went over and talked to him. Later Creighton went to a tavern to get something to eat and was chased out by a mob of angry Americans' so he went to the town square and a little further back he found a market going on and bought some food from some of the stands
  • Creighton starts becoming a spy for his uncle and learns more about Dr. Franklin and some of his ideas. He learns what Franklin prints. He also learns about the almanac that Franklin wrote. Creighton is getting use to working for Dr.Franklin .  Dr.Franklin prints the Poor Richards Almanac in his print ship and Creighton proof reads the Poor Richards Almanac.He finds out what the rebels propaganda is and decodes their messages between one another . Propaganda is used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.  Creighton helps his Uncle and another lieutenant escape. Creighton learns the truth about his father that he did not die in battle he was hung. Dr.Franklins' printing press catches on fire and is lost in the blaze. Creighton starts to help the Americans to gain more information about what they were planning to do for his uncle.
  • Creighton helps his Uncle and another lieutenant escape. When Creighton was trying to give his uncle a gun through the little brick window of the prison if went off. After the gun went off Colonel Gower got hit in the shoulder. The guards that were in the prison ran over to the cage were the colonel and lieutenant were being held and pushed them on the  ground of the cell. So, Creighton goes inside the prison and points  the gun at the Spanish and English Guards and gets the lieutenant and his uncle out the cell and they tied up the guards and threw them in the cell and locked it.  Creighton learns the truth about his father that he did not die in battle he was hung. Dr.Franklins' printing press shop catches on fire and is lost in the blaze. Creighton starts to help the Americans to gain more information about what they were planning to do.
  • Creighton is to decipher messages for Gower. Creighton meets his father who was a prisoner. Creighton gets shot. A guard hears noises and sticks a pistol through the door and shoots him in the calf and Then Creighton is sent back to New Orleans from Carolina.  He takes his father and peter with him to Carolina so Creighton can take his dad to Dr. Franklins' house to get treated for his illness and feel better so he can go home to England  . His father is very ill and is taken to Dr. Franklins' House and is treated for a gun shot wound. Later that week Creighton and his father played a game of cards on a desk in Dr. Franklins' Office. Creighton has learned from all of his mistakes how to become a gentle and how to help people out when they are in trouble and need to be saved.
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