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Lord Of The Files
Updated: 2/18/2020
Lord Of The Files
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  • The boys arrive on the island after their plane fleeing WWI crashes. Piggy finds a conch shell and gives it to Ralph who uses it to call an assembly. That is where Ralph is chosen over Jack to be chief.
  • After going off to explore the island with Jack and Simon, Ralph decided to start a signal fire. The signal fire idea failed though when the hunters responsible for watching it don't. Half the island gets burned down and one littlun was killed
  • The boys organize a search for the beast when Samanderic see the pilot and mistake him for Beastie. Simon goes off on his own and when he does, he talks to the Lord of the Flies. Simon then realizes that there is no beast. He goes to tell the other boys but he is so raggedy and torn up that the other boys kill him thinking he's the beast.
  • By now, most of the boys have disregarded Ralph as chief and gone off to join a tribe with Jack. Ralph and Piggy decide to visit the tribe and when they do, Roger is so overcome by anger and bloodlust that he rolls a bolder over Piggy and shatters the conch shell that symbolized order.
  • Ralph's tribe then tries to first hunt Ralph and the smoke him out by steering the island on fire. While he is trying to escape the fire Ralph runs on to the beach where he spots a naval officer. The tribe is closely behind Ralph and when they see the officer an describe what has happened they all start to sob.
  • A few nights in, Jack and his hunter return with a pig, their first kill. Later a meeting is called and the littluns mention the Beast for the first time. That same night, the dead pilot falls from the sky while Samanderic are sleeping.
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