Biology - Plant Hormones
Updated: 8/4/2020
Biology - Plant Hormones
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  • Nothing my dear, i was feeling for my tree which is sheding all its leaf totally....i am not able to see it without leaves..
  • Grand Pa, Why are you looking so sad...what happened?
  • that i think it is not bad. it happended to my tree also last month.
  • Is that so, I really dono why does it happen. come with me i will show.
  • Plant hormones, do plants have hormones ? i don't think like that...
  • These are due to plant hormones you don't feel for it.
  • Ohh is that, then what all they do ma ?
  • No grand pa plants do have hormones. They are Auxin, Gibberellin, Cytokinin, Ethylene and Abscisic acid.
  • Auxins are hormones which helps in cell elongation and also the bending of plants towards light also happens due to this only.
  • Yah..i have also heard this about the plant bending...
  • The Gibberellins are hormones which also helps in growth of the plant.
  • Then it is also like Auxins right.
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