Macbeth #2
Updated: 4/5/2021
Macbeth #2

Storyboard Description

scene 3-4

Storyboard Text

  • Act 2 scene 3
  • *he finds the body of Duncan*screams
  • Act 2 scene 3
  • You're to put to blame there was evidence in your room!
  • I swear we did nothing we where sleeping!
  • Act 2 scene 3
  • I was in the wrong
  • you fool-
  • *faints* (causing them to surround her)
  • Macduff finds body terrified
  • Act 2 scene 4
  • All power might go to macbeth..
  • Lady Macbeth and Macbeth go to check out to see what's happening as if nothing happened.but people are blaming the guards.
  • Act 2 scene 4
  • Macbeth admits of his wrong doings and challenges Macduff, but Lady Macbeth pretends to faint creating a distraction.
  • Act 2 scene 4
  • where is Duncans body?
  • Ross and the old man are talking about the chaos when Macduffs come in
  • All are talking
  • The three men talk about the killings and how all the royal power is going to Macbeth.
  • it already has...
  • Something dawns on Ross and asks about Duncan's body and leaves to colmekill
  • Then ill be on my way.
  • colmekill?
  • May god's blessing go with you.