Updated: 6/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I know it sounds scary but it will help you recognise anxiety causing situations and modify the way you deal with them. So for example Tye can learn that being in a room with messy books is not unsafe because nothing bad has ever happened to him in places where there is mess.
  • I just can't handle having the books not organised by height.
  • All of this is making you so unhappy. We need you to get some professional help.
  • We will start with sessions that gradually expose Tye to the situations that trigger his obsessions and compulsions so he can learn to recognise the triggers.Tye, you can give me a list of all the things you do to get through a day and tell me which ones are the worst.
  • Dr Reynolds has really helped me. When I feel bad he taught me this trick of feeling like a superhero and looking down on everything from above.The trigger doesn't seem that bad then.
  • We have to change too. we mustn't make it easy for him to keep up his ritual behaviours and encourage him to keep using the methods Dr Reynolds is teaching him