Updated: 3/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Alice was 8 years old when she figurt out she could talk to animals. One morning Alice desided to go play in the garden. There she found the neighbours dog sniffing at her and then Alice thought that the dog wanted to tell her something.
  • I cant walk to far my legs are going to get tired!
  • What seems to be the problem Lightning?
  • There is a little tiger that needs our help.
  • So let's go! We have a long way a head of us.
  • You are going to ride on Snowflake's back so you don't get tired.
  • So where are we going to go?
  • We are going in a jungle!
  • I almost got it!
  • After an hour or so Alice, Snowflake and Litning found the little tiger hanging of a brance.
  • It sure is.Thank you for bringing my son back.
  • When Alice saved the little tiger they went looking for it's mother.
  • Why don't you ask?
  • Is that your little tiger?
  • Now I need to go home, so bye!
  • Is that it's mother ?
  • Goodnight Lightning. It was nice helping you today.
  • Goodnight Alice and see you tomorow!