Let's Learn about Migration
Updated: 2/13/2020
Let's Learn about Migration
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This talks about Migration. It will inform the reader about Push and pull factors of migration

Storyboard Text

  • What is Migration?
  • no
  • No
  • I know
  • Welcome to Geography class and we are going to talk about Migration. Does anybody know what migration is?
  • no
  • What is Migration?
  • Good! So what do you think that push factors are?
  • what are push factors?
  • Nice job. Does anybody know what pull factors are?
  • What are pull factors?
  • Nice job
  • Migration is the movement of people. There are push and pull factors that make someone go to a country. Sometimes they don't have to go a migrate to a different country. there can be internal migration which is moving within a country or external migration which is leave a country to go to another country
  • Question from Dave
  • Is there anything you want to add Dave?
  • I think that push factors are things that make someone want to live in a country. That can also be voluntary migration which is one's free will to migrate to a different country.
  • End of class and Homework
  • Great question. For homework, can you think of any pull factors for China given its current situation. Have a good weekend
  • I think that pull factors are things that make you want to leave a country. The people that are leaving the country may be leaving for a better lifestyle or just to get out of crime. These people end up being refugee’s who are displaced people who crossed national borders and cannot return home.
  • Are there any pull. factors for China given their situation
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