Updated: 3/10/2020
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  • Calypso imprisons Odysseus on her Island, Ogygia, for seven years, even as he longs to go back to his family and his people. She lets him go when Zeus sends Hermes to tell her too, sending him away on a raft.
  • Telemachus, on the search for his long lost father, Odysseus, arrives at Sparta to talk to Menelaus, the King. He travels to Menelaus's mansion, where he is welcomed in and told tales of his father.
  • Athena goes to Mt. Olympus multiple times to plead with the other gods to help Odysseus. Her father and King, Zeus, helps Odysseus get off Calypso's Island, and blesses him on his journey home, to Ithaca, which is long overdue.
  • Telemachus's and Penelope's' home had been taken over by suitors in Odysseus's absence, and they are gorging on all their food while waiting for Penelope to decide which one is to be her husband. They are often describes as rude and unruly.
  • The story starts in Ithaca in the house of Odysseus. This is where Penelope, his wife, and Telemachus, his son, lives. Penelope is still endlessly mourning Odysseus, and refuses to remarry, making excuses. Because of this, Telemachus decides to search for his father.
  • Poseidon doesn't like Odysseus at all because he killed Polyphemus, which is partially why Odysseus's journey takes twenty years. Poseidon interferes at least three times, causing storms and winds at sea to keep Odysseus away from his destination.
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