Creditworthiness Comic Strip
Updated: 2/14/2020
Creditworthiness Comic Strip

Storyboard Description

Creditworthiness Comic Strip for Personal Finance, By Ryan Scherber, 2-13-2020

Storyboard Text

  • A good credit score helps you be eligible to rent apartments, buy a car, or . Without good credit score you can't do these things.
  • I want to know why your credit score matters.
  • Your credit score is determined by three C's: Capacity, Collateral, Character
  • I know capacity is your ability to repay a loan, collateral is your assets and character includes your credit history
  • Ways to improve credit score include making regular payments on loans, using a small or moderate amount of your credit limit (good ratios), fix late payments, and close any unused (unessential) credit cards
  • Good credit can help me get a better interest rate on my car loan
  • Yep, your getting the hand of this.
  • So all my credit score and these 3 C's are all available on my Credit Report?
  • Wow, this place is awesome, I really need to work hard and improve my credit.
  • With good credit and being on top of all your payments can help you have money for your own fun
  • Any time
  • Thank you for helping me understand the importance of a good credit score.