Ap Comic Strip

Updated: 8/27/2020
Ap Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Yes! Can you please buy me butter and eggs? I'm going to make cookies later.
  • Hmmm. I think I should buy the bounty fresh eggs instead of the harvey fresh one. It looks more fresh.
  • Buying ingredients from the grocery shows a marketeconomy because my mom is able to chose the brand that she wants of certain products.
  • Ok!
  • Hey honey! Do you need anything from the grocery?
  • This scenario shows a market economy because my mom is able to freely chose on her own on how much allowance she wants to give me. And, I have my own right to chose what to do with my money. Either to save it or spend it.
  • Thanks mom! I will make sure to use my allowance wisely. But for now, I will just use it to buy more ingredients and I can earn money when people buy from me.
  • Online shopping shows a market economy because I can freely chose which brand of clothings I prefer to buy based on their quality and price.
  • Hi Reine. Here are your ingredients and here's your allowance for the week.
  • Okay!! I'll just be upstairs if you need me.
  • Hello! Thank you for ordering that would be 350 pesos!
  • This panel shows how I am able to sell cookies without the government telling me what to do. I am able to freely pick my own products and choose how much i want to sell them for. I am earning profit through my small business.
  • Ok! It will be there tomorrow! Thank you!
  • Would you like me to deliver it to you?
  • Hello! I'd like to buy 12 pieces of chocolate chip cookies please.
  • Yes please! My house is on 52A Bloomingdale street. I will pay through gcash.
  • It's okay honey! You are free to buy another dress. That has been with you for a long time anyways!
  • Wow! There are so many choices! I want to buy the purple one! Hmmm.. Should I buy the one from h&m or uniqlo? The h&m one looks more affordable!
  • *adds purple dress from h&m to cart* Oh yay! It will be delivered in a while! Phew, I'm glad it wasn't too expensive.
  • OHNO! It's not confirming! I think my wifi malfunctioned again.
  • A market economy is seen here because my dad is able to freely chose whether to buy the sky or globe brand for our wifi.
  • Mom!!! The wifi broke again. Now my purchase can't be confirmed!
  • It's okay! Dad is already buying a new one. Either sky or globe because clearly, our PLDT wifi is very slow.
  • We are going to buy sky because based on reviews, globe usually malfunctions as well, and sky has a stronger signal in our house.