A Disgusting Hot Choclate
Updated: 3/22/2020
A Disgusting Hot Choclate

Storyboard Text

  • 3.I am from India
  • 2.Yes!
  • 1.Are you my new team mate for Sydeny Storms
  • 4.Cool, It's nice to have people from all corners of the worlds
  • 2.Okay, there is a shop right there.
  • 1.Shall we go and get some hot chocolate on theis snowy day?
  • Moral Street
  • Menu- Hot chocolateBurgersFries Tenders
  • 2.That would be $3.40 for 2 hot chocolate
  • 1.can we have 2 hot choclates and on having extra sugar?
  • 3.WOW! That's Dirt cheap!
  • Menu- Hot choclateBurgersFriesTenders
  • 2.But it's not down to earth
  • 1.Have you herard the gravity kick?
  • Menu-Hot choclateBurgers FriesTenders
  • 1.Here are your perfect hot choclate gentlemen
  • 2.Thank you!
  • Menu-Hot choclateBurgersFriesTenders
  • Discusting!! I think they were making a moutain out of a mole hill about hot choclate
  • Okay, I am in big trouble.