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TKAM ch. 2
Updated: 2/20/2019
TKAM ch. 2
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  • Scout dreams of going to school. She sees Jem and all of the kids at school having fun and wonders about what it's like.
  • Scout's teacher, Miss Caroline, gets mad at Scout for knowing how to read even though she has never gone to school before. She tells Scout to remind her father to not teach her anymore.
  • Jem sees Scout and asks how her first day is going. Scout explains what happened with Miss Caroline, and Jem tries to comfort Scout by telling her that Miss Caroline has a new way of teaching 1st grade.
  • Miss Caroline catches Scout writing a letter and again tells her to tell Atticus to stop teaching her. Miss Caroline also tells Scout that they won't be learning how to write cursive until 3rd grade.
  • It is time for lunch, and Miss Caroline asks those in the class who go home for lunch to raise their hands and those who bring their own lunch to put their lunch up on their desks. Miss Caroline sees that Walter Cunningham didn't raise his hand and doesn't have a lunch on his desk. Miss Caroline offers Walter a quarter so he can pay for a lunch, but Walter refuses.
  • Scout tells Miss Caroline that Walter won't take the quarter because he won't be able to pay her back. Miss Caroline has had enough of Scout's behavior so she hits Scout's palm with a ruler and makes her stand in the corner until it was time to leave for lunch.
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