Caregiver & Working parent'
Updated: 9/15/2020
Caregiver & Working parent'

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  • Doesn't that mean she has to take another break? I am worried it will disrupt her work!
  • Ah! Splendid weather. I can't wait for my walk! I'll go see if our daughter is ready.
  • Their organisation knows that employees have to take breaks to attend to other priorities. They have a set of guidelines called the 'Working Agreement' and have factored this into it so people can balance both work and domestic responsibilities
  • Not really!
  • But don't keep her away for too long!
  • Enjoy your walk then!
  • Sure!
  • The Working agreement makes life easy for me too!
  • And it can help you live and work better!To know what the Working Agreement and work-life balance guidelines are all about, visitgo/workingagreements
  • Let me setup a meeting at 4PM Indian time.
  • Cool! Unless there is a pressing need, let's stick to core hours. That way, people can work meaningful hours and switch off on time. It is also more predictable that way.
  • Oh yeah! That's outside our 'Core' hours! Thanks for reminding me!I will reschedule it right away!
  • 4 Indian time? That's close to dinner time for our friends in Singapore, isn't it?
  • We tend to overlook what is simple and subtle, don't we?The Working Agreement is here to help us avoid just that, become more sustainable and be sensitive to the realities of our people. Check out go/workingagreements for more information