Unknown Story

Updated: 5/12/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Before the dam was built, water was flowing, some humans had no power, and rocks of the biosphere were still in place.
  • Humans are losing power, so they decide to build a dam in a flowing stream.
  • Biosphere: Humans are happy that they have power. They will have a less hard time living, as there is now more convenience in the neighborhood.
  • We have power again!!
  • Geosphere: In order to build the dam, humans use the rocks in the geosphere to make the dam. Also, the water stops flowing, so rock won't weather and erode that much. The process goes slower.
  • Atmosphere: With the water still, it can evaporate into vapor, which then goes into the atmosphere as clouds.
  • Hydrosphere: The dam causes the water to lose it's flow. This can affect the geosphere, for the act of weathering and erosion is slowed down.