Cyber bullying sad story
Updated: 1/15/2020
Cyber bullying sad story
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  • Your stupid and if i where you id jump of a building LOL!
  • Go DIE!!!
  • You're such a faker.
  • No one will ever like you.
  • BLOCK!
  • Hi I'm Mei and this is my sister Amy and we decided to post our story on the internet because our mum died but everybody kept saying we where lying and a bully came called Kara and her friend also wanted to help.
  • Kara always was texting me saying that I should kill myself and that i'm a fake. Sometimes my teacher would find out that she was texting me. my sister would always comfort me when I get home.
  • I wanted to block her but then she would just tell everyone in school. but ether way I thought no one would like me so I did it anyways. I wasn't exited for for school the next day but....
  • I got to school early so I was talking to Celateela and she really didn't hate me she said I was a nice person , after chatting for a bit she told me that her dad died bye a plain crash and she believed mt story we became friends
  • Kara was being mean to me in the restroom and she would kick me I didn't feel very well and started crying she always took pics of me and sent it to her friends.....
  • I had enough so I told Celasteela that I would tell office and the police so I did i don't know what happened the last time I saw her was in the principles office me and Celasteela are best friends now :D I still feel that my mum sees me everywhere I go.
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