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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/15/2020
Unknown Story
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  • a female employee at a huge retail store got injured while on duty and whilst she was injured she asked her boss whether the store would cover the doctor bill but the owner refused to help her
  • how is that my concern you must be more careful while working . We won't be covering the bill because it was your own fault
  • Why are you not working i am not paying you to sit around doing nothing
  • Sir I got injured whilst on duty and I'm in so much pain can you please take me to the doctor and will the company settle the bill for me please
  • But sir i slipped how was that my fault . The cleaners should have put a sign on the floor after they were done .
  • after coming from the doctor the female employee decided to take matters further and went to their shop steward to find out about her rights as an employee and a way forward
  • Good afternoon miss how can I assist you today
  • After listening to you i can tell that you have a very strong case and as shop steward elected by you guys so I'll do my best to  represent you when I meet with management
  • Sir I was really hoping you are able to assist me ,I got injured while i was on duty but management refuses to take responsibility I just want them to accept that they were in the wrong and they must just manage the bills thats it
  • Thank you so much for your time and assistance much appreciated
  • the female employee tries one last time to convince the owner to pay the bills but with no luck
  • Good day sir I just came to find out whether you may have changed your mind with regards to the medical bills as I don't want it to be a drawn out affair sir because you still my employers and i still respect that
  • no this is war ! I don't have time for people who want to make money out of me so prepare yourself because it will get ugly
  • The female employee arrives at the office of the shop steward in tears after her latest encounter with her boss
  • I'm sorry for going your back sir i did not mean any harm but thank you for always being there for us we made a good choice in electing you as our shop steward 
  • I'm so dissapointed I just came from the office of my boss and he told me the most hurtful thing ,he even accused me of faking an injury just to get money from the company i'm so hurt
  • What were you doing there in the first place I told you that I would handle it please do not go behind my back again like you just did , I am sorry that you had to go through that
  • Shop steward finally meets with the boss as they try to find a way forward to end the dispute between the female employee and the owner
  • Sir there is now easy way to say this but I think the company should pay the medical bills because we were in the wrong because the cleaners did not put out a sign to show that the floor was wet so rather pay the medical bills because it can become a much higher amount if she decides to take matters further
  • Good afternoon sir i trust that you are good the reason I asked for this meeting with you is to address the dispute of one of my fellow employees
  • i never though about the situation like that you are absolutely right please arrange a meeting with the lady 
  • Please make it quick my time is very limited
  • The female employee meets with management as they decide to find a solution which will benefit both parties involved
  • Goodmorning Miss i'm very sorry about the way i handled this whole situation the reason i called this meeting is to inform you that we as management has decided that we will pay for your medical bills as well as a extra amount just to say sorry for the way we handled everything I really hope that we can move forward
  • That is all I ever wanted sir thank you for finally seeing reason and I also believe that we can move forward from everything that happened I just realised the importance of having a reliable shop steward in an organisation
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