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Updated: 7/28/2020
english comic

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  • It is a yes to me because to me, there are different kinds of musicall around the world and we live in the culture where everyone has their opinion. Thereare English pop, Malay pop, Chinese and many more, so with everything that we haveright now, I feel that somehow it brings people closer, besides that we get to know thedifferent types of genre and culture to the region of the music. We can make friendsjust by the simple things, so it does bring people closer together.
  • Brilliant, just to be clear that everyone has their own opinion aboutsomething and I appreciate the thoughts that you have put out. My following question is, doyou feel that music is a great way to cure mental illness?
  • Music influences me to be confident of what I do and what I haveto go through. I used to be so down for things that have been given to me because Ithought that I am not confident of what I want to be and how I want to be but throughouteverything music helped me get through it and I have been blessed to get through thedifficult point in my life
  • I will say it is a yes because I have friends that go through this stateof mind and they say that it really does help them. Like Dzafran said they feel like the artist istalking to them telling them to never give up. It helps them in so many ways because noteverybody will understand you like music does but that does not mean that youshould not seek professional help.
  • I would say it is a no, because no matter what state you are if youare going through this. You have to seek professional help, yes it is a good thing to listento music and make you feel better but at some point you need to let the emotions out tosomeone. For me, seeking help is better than dwelling on music but if it really doeshelp you, then go for it.
  • There are different kinds of opinions and this is really up tothemselves and if you think that it works for you to get better by listening to music, you doyou and do not let other people’s opinion to overshine your own. Before we end thisschement, I have a last question and this is based on your own perspective. Do you think itis a must to keep up with the music trends?