storyboard-story of moses
Updated: 2/9/2020
storyboard-story of moses

Storyboard Text

  • The Israelites being trapped in Egypt and made to be slaves for the Pharaoh and they were unhappy.
  • The princess of Egypt takes Moses to the palace
  • Moses was pushed down the river after his mother found out that the first born son's of Israel will be killed.
  • Moses left Egypt and went on a long journey to Meridian and he got married and started his own family
  • While Moses was taking care of sheep, he saw a tree on fire and heard God tell him to go back to the Pharaoh of Egypt and tell him to let the Israelites be free
  • ''You need to free the Israelites otherwise God is going to make bad things happen to Egypt and he will kill the first born sons of Egypt''
  • ''Well..too bad for God. I will not free the Israelites"
  • The Pharaoh eventually frees the Israelites and God guides them home with smoke by day and fire by night