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Updated: 2/3/2021
ATG storyboard

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  • I will be taking over my fathers thrown, and making this country my own.
  • King Philip II had tragically passed and his son Alexander took over his place and power. Some said he was a stronger leader than his father. Alexander destroyed Thebes, and used them to City states hoping they wouldn't rebel.
  • Alexander turned out to be a brilliant commander. He even soon lead his outnumbered army to defeat the Persians in war. He knew his army was strong enough, and he was right.
  • After Alexanders army defeat the Persians they went to take on the Egyptian's. As the army made there way the Persian governor had surrendered there army, because they heard of the recent attack. Because of Alexanders once again victory he was crowned pharaoh.
  • Alexander had plans of going and taking on India, but his soldiers refused. So they started for back home. As they leave India in 325 BCE they end up visiting Babylon in 323 BCE. Alexander gets ill. And suffers a terrible death, as he was only 33 years old.
  • Alexander had no one to pass his thrown onto. No family, nothing. SO Alexanders generals fought to see who gets all the power. But in the end the generals divided it all up. On became king of Macedonia/Greece, one ruled Syria, and the other claimed Egypt.
  • After Alexander died his people decided to carry on a piece of what he brought to them. H e had taught his people to stick with there culture and traditions. And to that day that is what they did. In respect for him the Hellenistic Age started.