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Updated: 3/11/2020
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  • My bike is broken forever!!
  • I wonder what happened..?
  • My bicycle is not working anymore! The tires were all thin and soft...
  • It must be flat from all the biking you're doing...
  • Father must be around here somewhere...
  • One afternoon, Robert found a little girl crying alone in a park.
  • Mister, it's starting to get dark. Please make it quick.
  • Uhm, sure thing... Just give me a second okay.
  • Good thing Robert's father owns a vulcanizing shop, a shop special for bicycles and tires alike, nearby.
  • He decided to help the poor girl and brought her bike back to their vulcanizing shop to fix its flat tires. But unfortunately, his father is nowhere to be found...
  • Robert Boyle's gas law states when the pressure of a gas tends to decrease, the volume of the gas molecules decreases.... Robert Boyle's gas law states....just like when we pump up a flat tire!..
  • Robert nervously looked at the bike's tires and tried to remember the way how his father fix it.
  • Luckily, he remembered one of his lessons back in school when they were discussing in their Science class.
  • He distinctively remembered one particular gas law since it has similarities with him. And to his surprise, he could finally use it in real life!
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