Updated: 8/11/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Do you want a cigarette?
  • Nah i'm good bruv
  • Come on, one hit won't be bad, are you a chicken ?
  • I said no!
  • Why not chicken?
  • First of all I'm not a chicken, second it's not cool, third smoking is very bad for you lungs. fourth smoking can lead to several cancers. Finally it's super expensive.
  • It's good that he is being assertive
  • Why do you want to smoke anyway?
  • Because all my friends do!
  • I just don't think kids know how damaging smoking is!
  • Yeah my mother died from cancer and she started smoking from a young age
  • How about shooting some hoops with me to take your mind off it!
  • yeah sure! Sounds like a plan
  • Thanks bro, it was fun shooting hoops with you!
  • Good shot my G