Out of my mind chapter 6
Updated: 8/12/2020
Out of my mind chapter 6

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Storyboard Text

  • in this scene melody and ms V wave goodbye to dad on Melody's first visit, as dad's on his way to work.
  • in this scene ms V has put Melody on the floor and is teaching her to roll over to get the teddy so if Melody fall down again she can roll over for help.
  • in this scene ms V is putting more words on melody's tray so she can say more grown up type words then her original words on the tray she has the full alphabet and numbers so she can say full sentences.
  • in this scene ms V is feeding melody some of her ice cream in the kitchen (melody really likes the ice cream).
  • in this scene Ms V has put on a tv show about Steven Hawkins and melody in shocked that who many think is the smartest person in the world is just like her and melody is sure alot like him!
  • in this scene Ms V is letting melody sit in the rain and get all soaked as melody wanted the both have alot of fun in the rain then they come inside and get dried melody dreams about chocolate rain.