English project- Raneem- 9B
Updated: 9/9/2020
English project- Raneem- 9B

Storyboard Text

  • hehh...why am I always alone?
  • I dont even have friends to hang out with
  • I'm always being left out of activities because people think I'm weird
  • They bully me for being so absent-minded when they are they reason I'm always over-thinking
  • whatever they are just two-faced people trying to hide their insecurities by bullying
  • This will pass by soon and I will start over but this thought seems so far-fetched
  • ok enough! being negative wont help
  • Ill just enjoy what I have I shouldn't be ungrateful
  • Is that a cat?!
  • Hey buddy! I will be your new friend!You must be freezing cold Ill take you home with me
  • OMG!! Its so cute