DD Death Bell Story Board

Updated: 5/16/2020
DD Death Bell Story Board

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1: A teacher is introducing his students to a summer camp that will help them prepare for exams with fun. All students are happy. But hey don't see danger coming their way.
  • Class! Before you leave let me remind you that the Summer Camp that will prepare you for the midterm exams will start on 3/6/20. So make sure to get consent from your parents.
  • Hmm. A camp, this is the time to show them who i am.
  • This test is so hard and we haven't even learnt
  • Dad please let me go. Everyone will be there.
  • And that is why it is the best and i should go.
  • Mom can i please go
  • Dad can i please go
  • This is my chance to strike
  • If you don't want your and the school topper to suffer such fates like him, then go to class 7B.
  • This is so boring
  • 1st day of the camp
  • I"m out
  • Sir what should we do?
  • Just calm down we will figure this out.
  • If you want her and yourself to be alive then take the midterm exam that you came to prepare for and every question answered wrong will result in 1 death. Time is ticking. By the way she's in the box
  • One question wrong!!! Be ready, I'm coming
  • I choose, umm, you
  • With the Power of God all mighty! May you die foul beast.
  • OH GOD HELP!!!