Oedipus, Lysistrata, Hamlet and Earnest Meet for Dinner
Updated: 7/20/2020
Oedipus, Lysistrata, Hamlet and Earnest Meet for Dinner
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Throughout the dinner, Hamlet grieves as he is in pain from his father's death. During the dinner, he seems to notice a ghost appear behind the counter. He then realizes it is his fathers ghost, and his father tells him Claudius murdered him. Hamlet exits to avenge his death.

Storyboard Text

  • I don't think this is normal
  • You do this literally every time we go out! Go find yourself a wife to cry to.
  • Hamlet, why don't you seek the Oracle. There you will find your true fate!
  • Don't worry father, I will avenge you!!!
  • Hamlet don't get upset. Think about something positive. I always think about Gwendylon. She makes me happy.
  • If only my husband was home than I wouldn't have to hang out with you guys.
  • Hamlet, you must listen to me. Obey your fate! It is only than you can do at this point.
  • To be or not to be, that is the question
  • *Confusion*
  • Father, is that you? Who cursed you to such an early death?
  • There's nobody there!
  • You seem to be losing your mind Hamlet.
  • Claudius poisoned you? Oh my, I shall seek revenge for you father, and make sure he will live no more.
  • Farewell Hamlet, I hope fate treats you well.
  • Don't worry Hamlet, I can pay for your bill. I am rich of course. Gwendylon could be rich too. If only we got married.
  • Crying won't solve anything. Maybe you need a women to raise you since your a baby after all.
  • I must go!
  • Don't bother coming back.
  • Anyways, like I was saying. I hope to get married! We can than have a family and live on the land I own! Cause I am rich...
  • Sorry guys, I'll see you at next week's dinner. I need to go murder my uncle!
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