PDHPE Storyboard by Ryan Lim
Updated: 6/13/2020
PDHPE Storyboard by Ryan Lim

Storyboard Text

  • The storyboard starts with the main protagonist, the boy watching the breaking. The television source mentions a car crash incident in the city and the boy starts to stress. The boy suffers of PTSD also known post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • He reflects back on his horrible event he faced and got flashbacks of his Mother's death from a car incident. This was a negative experiencing for the young boy.
  • The boy arrives at school with a very sad emotion and attempts to self isolate from other students in the school. However his close friend finds him and ask, "Are you okay Nick". The good friend decides to take an action and tell a teacher about his situation.
  • After school, Nick arrives home scared and stress and can't stop thinking of his horrific event he faced from such a young age.
  • The next day, when he arrives at school, he is told to go to a mental facility where he will be treated. He talks to a Councillor and she gives him good tips and ways to prevent the disorder from interfering with his daily life.
  • After the talk, Nick has evolved from a stressed figure into a joyful character throughout the storyboard. In this scene he is on medication which will help his mental state, exercises and relaxation techniques destroying his anxiety issues