Matter Basics Story
Updated: 9/9/2020
Matter Basics Story

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  • Cleaning day...If only one thing cleaned the whole house, but no...
  • I guess I'll start here...
  • Start with the oven...Pure water won't work, though. Grease won't dissolve into the water. Just a characteristic property of those two compounds
  • The fridge, though...water should do the trick! Not many oils in the old ice box! Mostly water soluble compounds there!
  • Now to the bedroom...oh, the soothing heterogeneous mixture that is my lava lamp. I could watch it for hours. It appears my room is no match for the natural laws of entropy.
  • Now to the shower...yuk. Hard water residue. That's mainly calcium compounds. The only way I'm getting rid of those is by reacting them with acid. They will fizz kina like baking soda...although, I will need to make sure that it isn't too strong. Pure metals like the aluminum on the shower head react with acids too.
  • Now for a little chill smarter, not harder because you know simple properties of stuff.