Geography Story Board
Updated: 7/24/2020
Geography Story Board
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  • Environment
  • The environment is a place that is called home or just their surroundings by animals, humans and plants alike
  • Erosion
  • Erosion is the process of which places are eroded or being eroded due to the work of nature
  • Continent
  • A continent is a large piece of land and it is also what you are standing on right now no matter where you are
  • The surroundings of which a human, plant or animal lives or operates
  • World Heritage Site
  • A World Heritage site is a place where historians may go to research the past further or where people can go to learn the past more
  • The process of being eroded or eroding due to natural elements
  • Landform
  • A large continuous expanse of land or any of the main continuous expanse of land on Earth
  • Geomorphology
  • A place or site of natural or cultural importance, that has been listed by the world heritage commission also known as UNESCO
  • A landform is a natural feature of the Earth, for example, a hill or a mountain are both landforms
  • A landform is something that is naturally created on the earth's surface such as mountains and hills
  • Geomorphology is the study of the physical features of the surface of the earth and the relation of them to its geological structures
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