teen drug abuse advocacy
Updated: 7/30/2020
teen drug abuse advocacy
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  • Define the problem
  • Hey Noah what's up?
  • Hey Emily, not much. Wanna try smoking some weed? It makes you feel really good
  • Examine your options
  • Hmm I don't know. Let me think about it.
  • Alright cool let me know what you decide
  • If I try the weed Noah and the other guys would think im cool. He also said it would make me feel great. But what if I get addicted and I know marijuana has a lot of bad long term effects. 
  • Consider your outcomes
  • Marijuana is especially dangerous to teens because their body and brain are still developing
  • Hey Josh not much. You wanna get some of this weed?
  • Oh hey Noah what's good?
  • If i believe it's more important to be accepted by my peers, then I should try the weed. But if I value my health more, I shouldn't.
  • Noah is smoking weed outside. Emily is walking down the street and sees him. He offers Emily the weed.
  • Identify your values
  • Oh yeah for sure!
  • Emily is offered marijuana by Noah. She now has to make the choice of whether to take it or not.
  • Decide and act
  • Noah, I decided I'm not gonna try the weed.
  • Okay that's cool. Josh and I are gonna go to the park.
  • Yeah sure I'm not doing anything else today anyways.
  • I made the right choice not to try weed. I don't want to become addicted and develop mental health problems or other issues
  • As Emily thinks about the pros and cons of marijuana, Noah and his friend Josh talk.
  • Evaluate your decision
  • Bye Emily
  • Emily looks at her personal beliefs in order to make her decision while Josh and Noah make plans to go somewhere later.
  • Alright cool. By the way you wanna hang out at the park or something later today?
  • Emily makes her decision and tells Noah.
  • Emily knows she made the right decision because Marijuana has many harmful effects linked to its use. By refusing it, she will stay healthier.
  • Bye guys
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