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Nebular Theory Project.
Updated: 10/1/2020
Nebular Theory Project.
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Storyboard Text

  • Nebular Theorytold by time dragon
  • the word nebula means cloud.
  • First there was a nebula which is a cloud of dust particles.
  • Then gravity comes into play
  • gravity kicks in and things begin to become attracted to others.
  • due to gravity everything starts attracting to each other causing the nebula to collapse
  • Then the nebula begins to collapse
  • gravity starts to pull objects towards each other
  • the bigger the object the more attractive it is in the eyes of gravity
  • about 99% of the dust particles went to the center and became the sun
  • after most of the particles collected it put the sun in the center.
  • When the sun ignited it created a huge shockwave that sent all the gas planets way far away and kept rocky ones close to it
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