The Rise Of Muhammad
Updated: 12/18/2019
The Rise Of Muhammad
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  • The Call Of Muhammad
  • .
  • Go!
  • Medina
  • War...
  • "The angel Gabriel told Muhammad in a vision that he is to start a new religion"
  • At Medina
  • You must convert or die
  • Muhammad is on his way to Medina because the people at mecca did not want to convert so he is going to Medina to get more people only to start a war
  • Conquer
  • Muhammad built an army out of the people at Medina And started war against Mecca
  • quran
  • Muhammad went back to Medina to make more people convert.
  • Muhammad conquered more land until the people had no chose but to convert
  • Muhammad made a book that held the the rules of the religion and other important factors
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