Comic StoryboardThat
Updated: 2/3/2021
Comic StoryboardThat

Storyboard Description

Explaining a math concept

Storyboard Text

  • Morning, Mr. Johnson
  • Good morning, Charlie!
  • Today we will be solving two equations for X
  • Yay, I like solving for x.
  • Okay, I would write 13x+5=8x+35
  • First, we start by writing down each equation and setting them equal to each other.
  • I would move 8X to the left side and 5 to the right side by subtracting
  • That is correct, Charlie. What would you do next?
  • Very good, then what?
  • I would have 5x=30. So next I would divide by 5 to solve for x
  • The answer is x=6
  • Yes, Charlie!That is correct.Great job!