Texas pt. 2
Updated: 2/8/2020
Texas pt. 2

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  • Sam Houston, the commander of the Texas revolutionary army, agreed with the Texans rage.
  • War Won
  • Independence
  • . But, as Santa Anna went on, Houston's only hope was to retreat eastward. He hoped to lure Santa Anna deeper into Texas. This plan worked perfectly. In April, Santa Anna caught up with Houston near he San Jacinto River. The General expected the Texans to attack at dawn, so he kept troops awake all night. When no attack came, the Mexicans relaxed, and Santa Anna went his tent to take a nap. Later, Houston's troops staged a surprise attack. Santa Anna was captured the next day, and in exchange for his freedom, he ordered all the troops out of Texas.
  • The Texas War for Independence had been won, but Mexico didn't fully accept the loss of its territory.
  • Most Texans were Americans who wanted Texas to become part of the United States. But, despite their wishes, Texas remained independent for ten years. However, in 1845, Texas was admitted as the 28th state.