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Updated: 9/27/2019
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  • In 1986, Sir Alec Jeffreys broke up cells and extracted their DNA. He added radioactive probes and left it in a tank over the weekend.
  • He then checked on them that Monday, and used Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism to analyze the DNA. He discovered that Variable Number of Tandem Repeats were present, and each person's was a different length.
  • He realized that the variety in length could identify a specific individual in a technique he named "genetic fingerprinting".
  • Then, in Leicestershire, Dawn Ashworth was murdered and raped three years after the same thing happened to Lynda Mann.
  • Jeffreys tested the blood type and enzymes of the killer, narrowing down the suspect list. He tested over four thousand men, but one man in particular was avoiding a blood test.
  • The man avoiding being tested was Colin Pitchfork. Pitchfork was tested and his DNA matched perfectly with the DNA of the muderer. He pled guilty to both rapes and murders.
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