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mahabharata and ramayana
Updated: 3/5/2020
mahabharata and ramayana
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We begin during the rule of Bharata, when everyone on Earth follows dharma. His lineage is traced to two sons: Dhrtarastra, who is blind and cannot inherit the throne, and Pandu, who becomes king. Pandu has one illegitimate son he must give up to be raised as a Suta and five sons to call his own, and all six are gods incarnate. Dhrtarastra has 100 sons (called Kauravas), all demons. Pandu's five sons Arjuna, Bhima, Yudhisthira, Nakula, and Sahadeva are all great warriors or great kings, and marry the princess Draupadi. Dhrtarastra's son Duryodhana leads the other 99 brothers, and has a seething hatred for the Pandavas, or Pandu's sons. Both Yudhisthira and Duryodhana are granted kingdoms by Dhrtarastra.
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