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science story board
Updated: 10/8/2020
science story board
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  • At school
  • I'm so excited they let us use university of pairs for ours research on nuclear reactors
  • In the school science lab
  • While experimenting with aluminum, we can notice that the protons are changing to neutrons to balance out both of them, since they need to be equal
  • Wow, that sounds crazy!
  • At home during dinner
  • That is a great observation and idea
  • At the lab i also saw that by adding particles to a stable element you get a different unstable element, which we can call this "beta decay"
  • The next morning in their office
  • ah! In our model we can see that when an atom has to many protons they would become neutrons, and same vice versa if there are to many neutrons they would become protons which would be called beta decay
  • This is great! Also this can help us explain the products of nuclear fission which we can connect to nuclear reactor
  • Back to the school lab
  • precisely, then the products of nuclear fission are unstable which also could be known as radioactive, this then will cause the atoms to go through the process of beta decay where the neutron-rich unstable atom will turn its neutrons into protons
  • Now that were back at the lab, we can describe how nuclear reactors work. When a nuclear reactor is turned on, the atoms inside the reactor go through nuclear fission when neutrons are split and energy is released
  • Which will cause the atom to be stable
  • The award ceremony
  • Thank you! we really did we created the first french nuclear reactor
  • Your beta decay and nuclear reactor discovery and creation is incredible here is your noble prize
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