Sinbad ans Sundjata tragic event
Updated: 6/11/2020
Sinbad ans Sundjata tragic event

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  • these couples are so nice
  • Lets just sleep
  • good night
  • RUN!!!!!!!
  • you know the giants are coming to kill you, ANd to win the food eating challenge, just stuff all the food down your shirt
  • Muhaaa.. you are never going to kill our king and queen
  • And also see, we caught theses two young men before the big giants. I bet the giants were not able to catch them
  • we are brothers
  • where did you get that mark on you arm from
  • it is my birth mark, given by my father
  • Ahhhhh
  • While walking they saw a big house owned by a friendly and jolly couple. They gave them space in their house and let them sleep in it.
  • let's do this together
  • The next morning the old two couple have turned into Dracula. Saying that they will kill them. Sinbad noticed that the two Dracula were enemies with the Giants, so they lied and then ran away.
  • thanks for changing us
  • As they were crossing the river Sinbad slipped, and Sudjata grabbed him. He saw a mark on Sinbad's arm, which he also had, meaning that they were brothers.
  • They reached the river to the palace, but it was very harsh and had one boat to travel on. So Sinbad controlled the boat while Sundjata frighted the warriors.
  • After reaching the king and queen they changed them both out of their evil, and brought warmth into them
  • And the forest became like it always was, and Sinbad and Sundjata became the hero's.
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