The Tragic event in Sinbad and Sundjata's life
Updated: 6/11/2020
The Tragic event in Sinbad and Sundjata's life

Storyboard Text

  • You had two twins, and they are girl and boy
  • Why does everyone hat us and make fun of us
  • Maybe we should go to the river that destroys and become a part of it.
  • Sure we would love to go and free the forest if you please
  • Can you please help us and free the forest from the twins
  • And this was that birth of the two twins named Salvia and Nutrosious. Soon they grew up found out that they had these meditation skills to take them through other things
  • Well i have the talent to control it
  • the wind is sooo harsh...
  • Now they left the forest and went to the river that destroys. All the meanness was gathered into them, and they became the rulers of the forest with ice hearts. Everyone living in the forest became beasts. And outside of the forest was guarded by a water fall
  • Spread out fruits so that the creatures run away
  • Don't worry we got you
  • HELP!!!!
  • Sundjata there are Giants
  • Sinbad and Sundjata were selected for this mission. Without knowing about each other they set out in the forest, the first few days passed and they started to know about each other. After learning about each others talents they both started a competition on who has a talent that is better
  • I will take care of it
  • I challenge you to a food eating challenge
  • You are challenging me to a food eating challenge, U will loose
  • Sinbad knew how to control the wind because he was a sailor. So Sinbad started taunting Sundjata that his talent was better, and that a warrior was useless. This made Sundjata very mad and he wanted to prove himself.
  • Raccoons came in the night and attacked them, but the villagers helped the two men by making the raccoon run away. And like this the two men set out again with no rest.
  • Even though that Giants are so big Sundjata wins because he pours all that he is eating into his shirt. And when he won the giants suspected him, but he told the giants that he wanted to have proof that the giants were not cheating, and to prove him self the giant cut up his stomach, blood spilled out. Seeing this the rest of the giants ran out
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