The underworld
Updated: 3/23/2020
The underworld

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  • I bet you we are having the
  • The Underworld
  • Do all of your jobs immediately!
  • Dinner Time
  • I bet you that we are having the most disgusting meal ever.
  • A Responsible Giant
  • We need to escape!
  • There once were giants that roamed the terrifying and dark underworld. They were treated as slaves and servants by a very powerful and mean ruler named Hades. The Giants did all of his jobs for him not by choice. If they didn't do the jobs they would be punished!
  • The Escape!
  • Most of the time the Giants were very friendly and kind to each other but when it came to dinner time, things began to get a little violent. Each evening Hades servants would serve them up dinner. Most nights it was Googumbers and Braleybeef and no Giants would eat it unless they were absolutely starving!
  • The Digging
  • I am soooo hungry!
  • One day a responsible and caring Giant named Larlen decided that he had, had enough! He was sick and tired of waking up to just clean all day and do all of the God’s jobs. He wanted to ESCAPE! he and his roommate Braxten discussed how he could get everyone he knew out of this terrible underworld.
  • The Last Two
  • The next morning before 7.30 am he gathered everyone he knew and tried not to disturb or wake Hades. Larlen stood at the front of the pack of Giants and explained how they were to get out. He split everyone up into their family groups and they had to get out themselves.
  • They began to dig up through the thick and crumbly dirt making piles and piles of it! They dug for as long as they could for thirty days. Giants began to get tired and families started needing food and water, so they stopped and curled into a huge huddle still with many, many layers of dirt and grass to overcome. They couldn't survive.
  • The bigger families with children started dropping of like flies. Larlen wanted to keep going! It was only him and Braxten left they dug for ten more days with no food or water. On the eleventh day they reached a round hole in the earth's surface, they found a bush of berries not far away. They saw a mountain, look it's the Honga family.