Myth Rocher Assessment
Updated: 3/23/2020
Myth Rocher Assessment

Storyboard Text

  • The boy who lived
  • Growing
  • OH NO what is happening to me?
  • Falling of Mt Olympus
  • Am i going to DIE
  • Once upon a time there lived a little boy who lived on Mount Olympus, who no one knew of. He lived in the back of a cave where people never went.
  • Falling Earth
  • One day he went to visit Zeus as soon, as Rocher saw him. He started to grow bigger and bigger to the point where he was too big
  • Trying to Impress
  • He was so big to the point where he fell of Mount Olympus and landed in space. He also had know idea what he was going to do
  • Spin, Spin, Spin
  • All of a sudden the wold started to fall out of space Rocher was not sure what to do than he remembered that he was super strong. He ran to the bottom of the earth to see if he could lift it.
  • Rocher had a big crush on the moon goddess so he always tried to impress her by holding up the
  • I'm so strong
  • What is he doing
  • Rocher slipped while he was trying to impress the moon goddess with his one finger trick. He let go of the earth. Then he started to stink and lose power but with the last of the power he made the world spin so it could stay in space for ever.