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Updated: 3/23/2020
My Myth Story Board

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  • Days of Work
  • The Idea
  • No I don't like your idea
  • It's called a rainbow
  • Running Away
  • Over there a cave
  • Years ago, between the valleys of two mountains owned by Gods, slaves lived and worked. Every Sunday they got one day off to have fun with their friends. That Sunday after a full week of work all the slaves come together,they talked, played and had fun.
  • The Light
  • Mannia and Meco thought that maybe there was a way to have in the sky too. They explained their idea to Celiopus. Celiopus loved the idea but told Meco and Mannia that she hated it said this was because she wanted the idea for herself. She told the other gods and they loved the idea.
  • The Island
  • They gathered up all their stuff and run. They started to see some light shining from in front of them but as soon as they sore it, it vanished. As it turned to night-time, people started to get hungry and tired. Meco suggests that they should find some shelter and get some rest.Mannia spots a cave and they all huddle up in the cave and fall asleep.
  • The Rainbow
  • In the morning they start the journey to find this light because Mannia though that it might lead to something. Later on, Meco walked through this large bush that was bigger than him. He stepped out onto a hard rock pathway that was covered in colourful rocks. The pathway lead to a bright light.
  • Everyone follow us we
  • They keep walking and see how far the light would go, but the path and light disappeared. People walk of the track and but in the distance Meco spotted a little island not too far away they made their way to the island. Mannia found two colourful Meco and herself. They also saw huts and made them their own.
  • Look colourful coats
  • Two days later the sky started turning dark and the people in this village started to freak. Meco thought there was going to be a storm, so he told the people of the village to settle down. It turned out to only be a heavy rainfall. Then someone in the village spotted a huge strip of colour in the sky, it turned out to be a rainbow. This rainbow represented how strong and brave Meco and Mannia were to stand up to the Gods.