Sundjata and Sinbad
Updated: 6/15/2020
Sundjata and Sinbad
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  • I am the great king of Mali. I have all these gold and salt mines that I want to trade with merchant like Sinbad to make my country prosperous.
  • I am Sinbad the Sailor. I carry goods with me to sail a long way to Mali. I will trade my silk, glass, and spices for their gold and salt.
  • No! I will NOT accept that. You have to think of a way! I need your spices and glassware. You will make this happen NO MATTER WHAT!
  • I'm sorry but I lost my merchandise and will not be able to trade for your mines. My ship encountered pirates and my goods were robbed.
  • I think we should do as you said! Tell the pirates, I will pay them well if they keep our trades safe and smooth in the future!
  • I have an idea. How about you hire the pirates to guard our trade route on the sea? You will get your goods safely for all our trading in the future. If you pay the pirates with gold, I will convince them to the deal.
  • I have great news for you. King Sunjata wants to hire you as his safeguard for trades. If you can guard the merchandise on the sea, the King will pay you gold in return. This is really good deal! You and your fellow pirates will have stable earning without being illegal.
  • Sounds like a plan. Tell the king that we need to be paid VERY WELL! And then we will return your merchandise and keep your future trades safe!
  • I accomplished another voyage and get more treasure.
  • Problem solved! We both get what we want.
  • I will make my country wealthy and my people happy!
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