Griffin Bond English Storyboard
Updated: 1/31/2020
Griffin Bond English Storyboard
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  • School
  • Charlie "numbers" Lewis is a smart kid. He aces tests with ease and hangs out with other nerds.
  • Hey Jeremy, I got a 103% on the test!
  • Same Charlie. Calculus is so easy.
  • Those kids are so weird...
  • Like usual, the school bully Dylan Wigglesworth is teasing Charlie. Then suddenly something unexpected happens...
  • Hey kid! Get off Charlie you creep!
  • Yo, Numbers remember you owe me lunch money!
  • Yeah bro. Get your own money.
  • Many kids are in the room. They are all practicing various carnival games. They explain that they have gathered the smartest kids.
  • All of us will use our brains to beat carnival games!
  • If we beat the most games in a day at Incredo Land we will earn cash and lifetime tickets! You in?
  • Um... I guess...
  • Charlie has placed at national science contests and is known at school for being a major geek.
  • To beat the games the Carnival Killers calculate exactly where to throw the rings and other things. They almost always win easily.
  • Incredo Land
  • The two most popular kids named Finn and Magic save Charlie from Dylan! They then escort Charlie to a special room in the school.
  • The next day comes and the Carnival Killers go to the middle of Incredo Land. The hosts are ready to announce the winner.
  • This year there is a cash bonus: the winners will get $50,000!
  • Charlie agrees and the group the "Carnival Killers" leaves for Incredo Land the next morning. Their guardian on the trip is a student teacher named Miranda Sloan.
  • But before they all can share the prizes it's taken. Their guardian Miranda has escaped by herself with the $50,000 and lifetime tickets!
  • Not so fast!
  • After a day the Carnival Killers have accumulated lots of wins on the various games. They feel pretty confident going into the next day, where the winner of the prize is announced.
  • Just beat ring toss again!
  • Nice dude, I've won like 20 times on basketball throw.
  • We're on a roll!
  • The Carnival Killers win! The group goes to claim their lifetime tickets and cash.
  • Yayyyyy!
  • And the winners... the Carnival Killers!
  • Lets go!
  • Charlie is able to catch Miranda as she is trying to escape! He and the Carnival Killers then get to share the prizes. Miranda is locked up and not heard from again.
  • Ha! Mine now!
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